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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Personalized Value Letter

My church has a great program for the young women.  I love making projects that help the YW remember what they stand for...

They help me remember what I stand for also:)  My daughter's name is Bailey.  I typed up all the info using Word Art and then printed it out on burlap.  I used this tutorial for printing on burlap.  Once you do it you are hooked.  It's just kinda amazing.  People think it's vinyl but it's not!

You will also need a piece of wood.  Mine is a 2x6 and a finial.  I found my finial at Lowes.  After you print your burlap it will look like this....

It's easier to cut and ink if you leave the freezer paper on back.

After you have completed those steps mod podge your letter onto the wood and let dry.  I spray painted my wood a cream color and inked the edges before I put the burlap on.

You're done and now you have a great gift for a YW!  If printing on burlap is scary to you (some people have emailed me and said it is) I'm selling these in my shop.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Burlap Wreath Tutorial & Giveaway

It's Monday and it's not my favorite day of the week.  Let's think positive and start this week out happy by having a giveaway!  This week's giveaway is going to be this burlap wreath...

The giveaway will be simple.  There are three different ways to enter (1) Leave a comment.  I love comments they make me happy.  Feel free to leave your blog link so I can come check out what your creating! (2) Become an Awesome Person (follower).  If you are already an awesome person (which I'm sure you are) it's a freebie entry!  (3)  Blog, tweet or facebook about this post.

Good luck and leave a comment for each time you enter.  The winner will be announced Monday morning January 12, 2011.  Now some of you are saying "I never win anything".  Yeah that would be me.  My husband wins everything but I'm just not lucky.  Enter anyway because it's free!  Then if for some strange reason you don't win I'm going to show you exactly how to make this wreath below.

Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Grab yourself a wreath of some sort.  I used a 14 inch straw one because they are cheap and you won't even see what it looks like under the burlap.  Cut strips of burlap at 6 inch in your color of choice.  Put a strip of hot glue to hold the beginning strip of burlap.

Wrap your burlap around the wreath. I put a strip of hot glue every once in a while to make sure it would stay in place.

The next step is to loosely twist the burlap and start wrapping it around the wreath.

After I was done I made sure all the twists are to my liking and then put dots of glue under to hold.  I don't think it's necessary so you can skip that step in you choose.  I then put a dot of glue on the wreath and tucked in the end of the burlap.

There are a bunch of different ways to make the rosettes.  I've tried out a few.  I saw the style I have been using online somewhere but I can't find where.  If it looks familiar let me know and I'll link it to you.  Cut a strip of burlap about 3 inches wide

Fold the end in half.

Fold the end in half again.

Roll the end a few times until it looks like this...

Twist the burlap and start wrapping it around the roll.

Put some hot glue on an extra piece of burlap.

Put the rosette on the hot glue and tuck the end in.  I always burn myself on this step.  It never fails.

Cut around your rosette...

The back will look something like this...

To make the other style burlap flowers.  Follow THIS tutorial.  (Instead of an ornament shape I traced circles on a thin piece of chipboard and cut them out.)   I made 3 flowers of each style and then hot glued them to my wreath.

Your finished!!  I don't know what it is but when you make something yourself it looks 10x better than buying it at the store.

For those who don't care to make a burlap wreath but want one I will be selling them in my etsy store.

Don't forget to enter in the giveaway.  Have a happy Monday!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jar lantern wire handle tutorial

Wow. That title ended up being a mouth full! I've ignored your requests long enough. Well actually I wasn't ignoring you. I have/had good intentions just not enough time. Here is the tutorial for the wire handle on the Jar lanterns we used last year at girls camp. Thanks to Wendy for helping make my movie :)

Here are a few other tips off the top of my head that I think can be helpful...
*If you can buy something at Home Depot vs. the craft store, do it. Your wire may not be as pretty but it will be cheaper.
*The thicker the wire the harder it is to manipulate.
*Make sure when you do the first step of wrapping the wire around the jar you leave enough slack so when you come back around you will be able to get your wire under it again. Needle nose pliers are really helpful. On the other side you can't have it too loose or your handle will fall off your jar. I just can't win. Seriously...It's easy once you get the hang of it :)
*When I did these for camp I sprayed them first and then put the wire on. I noticed right away that when sliding the wire under to attach the handle it would scratch off the paint. I ended up sliding a small piece of cardstock under where the wire would scratch. After you slide the wire through you can take the piece of paper out. It might even slide out as you pull the wire through.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm crazy about fabric flowers. If you don't know this about me you will soon learn it. Check out HELLO MY NAME IS HEATHER's tutorial to make her adorable flowers HERE.

She also has come out with some felt in fabulous colors.

Monday, September 21, 2009

YW Washers

I love finding a good "How To" when I want to learn how to do something new. I like all the goods...words, pictures and videos. Well I don't have a video for you today because I don't feel like being in it but I do have some words and pictures for you! What project are we going to learn the How to's of? Today it's my YW value washers. Really this is called we have a ton of YW and we don't have the budget to go out and buy the jewelry so I used washers! I think it's totally fab!

OK! Let's start with the materials you will need to complete this project. You will need a steel stamping set. This one is from Harbor Freight ( There are many places online that sell these sets.

You are going to need washers. I got this from my oh so kind father-in-law. If you don't have one of those head on down to Home Depot.

Finally a nice heavy hammer and a hard surface where your hammering can take place. I do mine on the garage floor. Don't do it on your table...Your asking for trouble (I only know because I tried!).

The rest seems pretty obvious. You pick out the letters you need and hammer the stamp into the washer. Some tips...Pound your hammer down one to two times. Sometimes if you aren't holding the stamp firmly it jumps and you end up with a messed up letter. Also be aware that the washers are thicker than the jewelry pieces so you will have to do it harder than you would on a thin piece of jewelry metal.

When you are done it will look something like this...

Next step is to take a sharpie (love them) and color in your stamped washer.

It will look something like this.... I know a BIG MESS!!

Immediately after you color the washer you take a baby wipe and rub off the top mess.

That's it! Your done!

Remember when I said I don't have a video for you well I just remembered a good one I found 0n youtube! Here are some videos and a website that were very helpful to me...
Stamp away!
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