Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cookie Exchange Part 2

 Another cookie/ornament exchange has come and gone.  I look forward to it every year.  Check out some of the fun...

This is me and my good friend Michelle.  She takes smokin' pictures...If you live in the Washington/Oregon area check out her stuff.  I think she visits Utah in the summer!

My friend Jenni.  She is my friend that reminded me I'm a mom of an extraordinary kid the other day:)  Love her!  She is also a mom of an extraordinary kid and will be a guest blogger soon.

We started having prizes for yummy creative cookies last year.  It was fun so we did it again this year.  We talked about also wearing ugly sweaters next year.

If you have prizes you just gotta have judges.  My husband is the guy who looks really excited.  I guess maybe I should make cookies more at home!

The cookie winners!

A cookie sign...

A perfect evening...good friends and cookies.


  1. as soon as we're in our new house (with lots of space), I'M DOING THIS!

  2. You really should do the sweater party. My girlfriends and I are getting ready for our 3rd annual 'Wretched Christmas Sweater' party! It's fun to see who has the most awful sweater. I think I'm going to suggest the cookie exchange for next year. Yours looks like so much fun!

  3. I came across your blog through another blog, little tipsy. As I was going through your New Beginnings ideas I noticed a girl in a picture that was in my ward a couple of years ago. Kaylaree Smith. We love her. You guys gained an awesome girl. Tell her Hi for us from Lincoln Heights Ward. By the way my name is Nikki Tait. She'll remember me. How funny is that.


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