Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wood You Like to Craft....Crafty Sisters Style!

Hello!  We are Candace and Nicole from Crafty Sisters! 
We are so thrilled to be part of this online Craft Group! 
Thanks Melinda for letting us come visit and be part of your fun craft!
When we see something so inspiring it really gets the wheels turning in our heads.
We had so much fun thinking up ideas and putting our own spin on it.
Of course we had to make two of them since we each have our own style!
We love bead board so we both started with a 15" x 15" square of heavy duty (1/4") board. 
Well, actually it was a little bit bigger until the squirrel got her little teeth on it so it was shrunk a bit.....
Home Depot is so great to make cuts for those of you too nervous to use a table saw.
We then took some metal roof flashing, cut it into a square
with metal snips, to fit the frame dimensions. 
We couldn't find a frame size we wanted so we cut out some pretty trim work with the miter saw at 45 degree angles to make a square and then glued them directly to the board and inlaid the metal flashing.
Nicole used the fun tile font but a slightly different shape of what Melinda used, instead of trim work. 
Then attached the metal with spray painted upholstery tacks.
We liked the idea of the metal so that we could use magnets
to attach anything we wanted.
We are really into seasonal crafts and loved the idea of being able
to switch it out every month.
Nicole made up little shapes for each month
that she cut out of wood and covered with all her paper scraps,
attaching little magnets on the backs.
Candace made up some more 3-D pieces like this adorable bird nest
with it's "welcome spring" sign!
She covered her metal with scrapbook paper using glue dots on the corners
so that she could switch them out with fun papers throughout the different seasons.

Candace also then using 1" x 2" pine, framed out her bead board
using those 45 degree miter cuts again.
She then hung it from a beautiful oil rubbed bronze chain and knob.
The knob really dresses the whole thing up hanging by her front door.
Her fun butterfly magnets were a perfect touch!
Thanks Melinda for hosting this month! Krystal and Wendy, your projects were fantastic too.  We enjoyed seeing your own personal twist.  We look forward to seeing all of YOUR projects in the linky party!


  1. so freaking in love with this!!

  2. This is the cutest thing!! So fun to see everyone's different spin on the same idea!!

  3. LOVE!!! What a fun idea to make them magnetic so you can change it out! Love that idea! And all the magnets you guys made are to die for cute! How fun! I can't believe how different they all ended up being. I too can't wait to see what comes from the link party!

  4. So cute! I love the magnetic board! SO CLEVER!!!

  5. I love this!!! Such a cute idea and great way to interchange for seasons or holidays:)

  6. Nicole,
    You did a wonderful job. You go Girl!!!
    I love it!!!
    I love it!! It's so pretty. You Rock!!!
    Cary M :)


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