Friday, May 20, 2011

Matchy Matchy!

I'm always making's finding time to blog about them that I have a hard time keeping up on!  First a few items of blogging business!   A few days ago my neighbor told me if I don't get rid of my music on here she will quit bringing me treats.  Say what?!   The music has to go.  I get more good comments than bad ones about it but this girl can't live without her neighbor's treats.  Maybe I will put a list of my favs over on the side?  We will see.  I love music and have a hard time saying goodbye to my music here on my blog :(  Second, if you have emailed me lately and I didn't respond don't be nervous to shoot my another one.  I had one of my little ones get really sick and I fell behind on responding.   I love to help out when I can!  Now it's time for a  project!

I might be a little OCD.   My husband will be nodding his head as he reads this statement.   I like my kids to coordinate when we go to the church.   Sometimes it's just plain impossible because certain daughters don't always cooperate!  On special occasions they let me have my way and it makes me so happy!

For Easter I went with a gray/yellow theme.   My girls refuse to dress like "twins" because it's just so uncool.   My boys could careless what they wear!   I whipped up this cute headband  for Emma....

I've been dying to try to sew my boys up some ties.  They turned out super cute!

I got my pattern from Butterfly Tree.  The pattern I used is the Classic and Reversible Boy's Tie.

The PDF pattern is fabulous!  I'm not great at sewing and this pattern made it super easy.  She has really good directions and pictures too.  I will be making more soon!


  1. I'm really glad you got rid of the music! I liked the music choices, but I look at your blog at work and many times I'd forget to turn off the volumne and it would come blarin out and I'd get some stern looks. I love your blog and think you should put it back on here in the side bar and set it up where those who want to hear it can and those who don't won't get in trouble at work for blogsurfin! LOL - Karen

  2. Darn, I liked the music. Is there any way for you to put it on pause, and then people can turn it on when they want to hear it?
    Love the headband and ties. This is what I am going to do with my kiddos, soon as I take the time. :)

  3. My kids are coordinated for church too. I don't say matchy anymore because my teenage son doesn't like to think that he matches everyone. My husband has learned to ask what colors everyone is wearing so he knows what tie to wear. And on the rare Sunday we don't match people will come up and comment that we don't match. I haven't gone to the point of making ties for my boys, but I may have to do that.

  4. I made ties once a very long time ago. you'd laugh if you saw that picture of my husband and my then 3 year old son and their Christmas ties:)

  5. I love your music! I've been known to put your site on just to listen to it while I'm cleaning or something else non-computer related. Bummer. Can I send you treats to bribe you to put it back? ;) And thanks for the tie pattern link. I need one that a non-expert-sewer like myself has said is easy to use. I just spent WAY too much money on custom made matchy ties for my boys for Easter. If I could make them myself from now on, that would be amazing!!

  6. Your kiddos are SOOOO cute! I love matching my kids too, especially for church!

  7. I am glad that you got rid of the music. I can't tell you how many times that it made me jump and when I went to another link on your blog it would start all over again.
    As for the matching thing, I got way with it when my kids were little, but now I can not get my children to even make their own clothes color coordinated before church. I want to make ties, maybe then my boys will start wearing them again. Thanks for the pattern.

  8. Glad the music is gone! Sorry, but those of us that surf at work thank you for taking it off! Very cute idea with the matching colors!

  9. I'm bummed about the music! I used it to clean to all the time. Plus it had favorite songs of my kids and when they asked me to listen to them I could pull them right up.
    I'm glad to see you posting again I was sad you were gone for a while. I hope your kiddo is on the mend.


  10. Looks like I owe you some new treats... :) I agree with MeenyMoe. The music choices were great! Perhaps you can find something like Kristie said to have the music controls defaulting to muted or paused so that it can be turned on for those who want it?

    Now, I just need to figure out which treat I'm experimenting with next and send some over...


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