Thursday, September 24, 2009

Personal Progress Binder & Bag

Can you tell personal progress has been on my mind? For those who read my personal blog I'm sorry for the repeats. There will be some new ones coming soon. A while back we decided that we needed to come up with a way so the girls could keep track of their personal progress book and all the other pamphlets they have. I came up with this binder...

Each YW decorated a binder at a combined activity. In each binder is their personal progress book, journal, For The Strength of the Youth book and we gave them each a True to the Faith book.

So far we haven't had anyone complaining of losing their personal progress books.

Now the problem is getting them to bring their binders :) What if....What if...What if.....we made these.....

They could carry their small binders and scriptures in this adorable bag. This just might be the solution! I found this one at THE ZITO's. You can find how to make it HERE.
I know a gal who made one of these place mat bags. Super cute. She didn't even use a sewing machine and she said it was super cheap (about $4.00). Maybe I can talk her into coming on and doing a tutorial??!


  1. We made the placemat bags for all the new converts scriptures. It was fun to see all the different place-mats people used.

  2. If your talking about me....I'd love to!

  3. I love the binders, where did you get them? We are wanting to make them for our young women's but don't know where to go.


  4. I went to office max...I think it's random when they carry them.

  5. Our Ward just made them for the girls and they all turned out sooo cute!!!


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