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Friday, November 5, 2010

Turkey Pattern

Yes it's true...I skip from holiday to holiday. Just last night I made another item for Christmas. It turned out super cute. I will share it in a few days but for now something holiday appropriate! Shocking, I know :)

Here is the pattern I used to make the above turkey :)

The body and feet are made from 3/4 MDF. The feathers, beak and heart are from scrapbook paper. I used mod podge to attach the paper to the wood. Add small nails for the eyes and a bow to make this girly turkey complete. Use gorilla glue to glue wood pieces together. Happy turkey making!!!

2x4 Turkey!!!

Hey there everyone! It's me, Wendy. You know the one that left Melinda and moved to Texas-VERY unhappily I might add! Just popping in to steal a post {and defend myself! :)}

Did any of you happen to notice Melinda missed a Holiday? From pumpkins to snowmen??? I think she was subconsciously waiting for me to do something about it. {She's really busy lately}. So here you 2x4 Turkey.

He's fast and easy to make-the way all turkeys should be. Jump on over to my blog for the details and look for a tutorial a bit later.

While you're there be sure to check out my 30 days of Christmas Ornaments giveaway and ornament exchange. The more the merrier...

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is a post of random things. In all honesty each subject should have it's own post but let's just go with the randomness today :) Let's start with a craft funny. I have a problem. A problem with waiting for things to dry. The other day I painted a piece of wood orange and then decided it was "dry" enough for me to sand. I got my dremel out and started on the edges....what I was unaware of is that it was flicking orange specks of wet paint all over my face. My kids had a good laugh when I came back inside.

My daughter was asked to come up with a picture of the first vision for a relief society lesson. This is what she painted.

It makes me happy inside. It will be framed and find a special place in our home soon.

Crafting up some prizes for my pumpkin party tomorrow. Remember that turkey that was one of my favs? Here is my version. He might grow some legs...he might not. I haven't decided yet.

I would complain about how the sun messes with my picture but I'm just glad the sun is hanging around these parts!
I'm going to do a giveaway tomorrow. I'm not sure what I will giveaway yet but it will be fun! Aren't all giveaways?!
Finally don't you just love the pumpkin patch? I sure do. I went with one of my little ones on a field trip today and had a wonderful time. Hot chocolate, popcorn, pumpkins, friends and goats...we had a blast.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Favorite Things

Some of my fav things today are from SWEET PICKLE DESIGNS. I also like her name. I am a sweet pickle fan. For Thanksgiving dinner at my moms house there is always a special plate of deviled eggs made with sweet pickles just for me :) Check out these cute pumpkins....

Love this cuteness...

Monday, September 27, 2010

2x4 Pumpkin Tutorial

Here is a easy 2x4 pumpkin tutorial...

First, cut your 2x4's. You can also use 1x3's. They are slightly smaller and cheaper. I actually prefer them :) For this particular pumpkin cut 2 blocks at 5 inches and the other two at 4 inches. Sand the edges lightly.

Paint the 2x4's orange. I paint mine on all sides but you could just do the front, sides and top.

I used Americana's Burnt orange (above) for the pumpkin pieces and any old brown will do for the stem.

Sand the edges of all pieces.

Cut your paper into strips. Just in case you're wondering....I used a double sided paper from Graphic 45. It's in their Christmas Past Collection. It's called Deck the Halls. Ink the edges of each paper strip with a brown ink pad.

Now it's time for some mod podge!

I put the mod podge on the block and then put the paper on it. Make sure you get no bubbles (they drive me crazy) by smoothing the paper down with your fingers. I let it dry a little and then add a top layer.

Gorilla glue is the best and it's time to use some!

Use this gorilla wood glue to glue the pieces together. It will need some time to dry and you are finished! If you like add some embellishments such as ribbon, yarn and/or berries.

The best thing about pumpkins is there are so many possibilities....big, small, tall, short, wide,

or narrow. What kind of pumpkin will you choose?

Speaking of cute little pumpkins....any crafter with kids knows the damage that can be done while crafting. As I posted this post, double trouble, aka my sons, filled one of their socks up with mud and threw it at the back of the house. The little pumpkin in orange is wearing a brand new shirt. I took this picture so I can remember to laugh....someday :) Happy Crafting!
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