Friday, November 5, 2010

Turkey Pattern

Yes it's true...I skip from holiday to holiday. Just last night I made another item for Christmas. It turned out super cute. I will share it in a few days but for now something holiday appropriate! Shocking, I know :)

Here is the pattern I used to make the above turkey :)

The body and feet are made from 3/4 MDF. The feathers, beak and heart are from scrapbook paper. I used mod podge to attach the paper to the wood. Add small nails for the eyes and a bow to make this girly turkey complete. Use gorilla glue to glue wood pieces together. Happy turkey making!!!


  1. Did you mod podge the whole feather, or just the part that attaches to the wood?

  2. can someone tell me what MDF is and where I can get it? thanks:)

  3. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Do you mind sharing what paper set you are using for the feathers and cute pumpkins?

  4. I mod podged just the part that touches the wood and then in between the feathers/

    MDF is Medium density fibreboard. It's like partical board but has a nice smooth surface that is easy to alter. I'm a fan of it :)

    I will look what paper I am using for both and get back with you Jen :) Thanks!

  5. Melinda,
    I put a link to your cute turkey craft on the Blog Frog Seasonal Celebrations Community.

  6. No worries thanks for checking! Fun Santa!

  7. Thanks for sharing your pattern, I'm using it for shirts for my kids, they should be pretty adorable :)


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