Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is a post of random things. In all honesty each subject should have it's own post but let's just go with the randomness today :) Let's start with a craft funny. I have a problem. A problem with waiting for things to dry. The other day I painted a piece of wood orange and then decided it was "dry" enough for me to sand. I got my dremel out and started on the edges....what I was unaware of is that it was flicking orange specks of wet paint all over my face. My kids had a good laugh when I came back inside.

My daughter was asked to come up with a picture of the first vision for a relief society lesson. This is what she painted.

It makes me happy inside. It will be framed and find a special place in our home soon.

Crafting up some prizes for my pumpkin party tomorrow. Remember that turkey that was one of my favs? Here is my version. He might grow some legs...he might not. I haven't decided yet.

I would complain about how the sun messes with my picture but I'm just glad the sun is hanging around these parts!
I'm going to do a giveaway tomorrow. I'm not sure what I will giveaway yet but it will be fun! Aren't all giveaways?!
Finally don't you just love the pumpkin patch? I sure do. I went with one of my little ones on a field trip today and had a wonderful time. Hot chocolate, popcorn, pumpkins, friends and goats...we had a blast.


  1. I love the turkey.. I love sweet pickle designs too.. you did such a great job!!!

  2. Your turkey is Adorable!! You also have a very talented daughter.

  3. Wow I love the painting that your daughter did...that is some serious talent. OH how I want your turkey !!! Love him.

  4. What do we have to do to win the turkey!?! I'm working on my pie...

  5. Do you sell the kit for the turkey?


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