Monday, September 21, 2009

YW Beach Schedule

Yesterday our YW group had the privilege of a day beach retreat. We had a blast. I'm going to share the schedule we *tried* to follow. (Don't you just love when you find a great idea that gets you motivated? Well I do!) I think we planned way too much and just didn't have enough time. Here we go....I have to add my comments here and there and we have to have some pictures!!!

(We read 3rd Nephi and the names are names of leaders in charge of different chapters and activites...Thanks Lyndy!)

CHAPTER 1 – 3: Read by Kariann

ACTIVITY: Don’t flip flop in the gospel (Kariann). Decorate Flip flops. We used water balloons. Cheap and work well!

CHAPTER 4: Read by YW. (farther people stray from God, the less modest and bizarre their appearance becomes.)

ACTIVITY: Divide girls in half (Nephites vs. Gadianton robbers). Play tug of war (Melinda) I tried to rig it so the Nephites would win but the Gadianton robbers had some good tricks up their sleeves!

CHAPTER 5: Read by YW.

ACTIVITY: Give Mormon a shout out for his hard work. Have girls write “And behold, I do make the record on plates which I have made with mine own hands.” Won’t come close to what Mormon had to do but maybe they will appreciate him a little more

CHAPTER 6 -7: Play CD and eat LUNCH

FREE TIME: 15-20 mins.

ACTIVITY: Girls put on bandannas and lead them back to reading area (Victoria)

CHAPTER 8: VS 1-21 read by Victoria. Leaders positioned in different areas read the last of the chapter as follows Jessica vs.22; Michelle vs. 23; Melinda vs. 24; Kariann vs. 25.

CHAPTER 9: YW still Blindfolded. Reading as follows
 Vs. 1 Melinda
 Vs. 2-22 Bro. Beach

CHAPTER 10: YW still Blindfolded. Reading as Follows…
 1-3 Melinda
 4- 7
 8-18 (Blindfolds come off in vs. 9

ACTIVITY: Importance of silence as the people prepared for the Savior. Write in journals about their feelings

CHAPTER 11: YW take turns reading.

SONG (CD): He came For Me.

ACTIVITY: Individual Worth (Michelle) YW write letters to themselves about their individual worth. We need to come up with some guidelines questions for those who will struggle.

ACTIVITY: Have girls take walk with pebble and sucker (Jessica)

CHAPTER 12: YW take turns reading (Jessica)

BUILD FIRE (Talk about comparison of Fire & Holy Ghost…not sure if you want to stop on the vs or read the whole chapter through first. Let me know and I will change the schedule.) (Jessica)

CHAPTER 13-14 – Listen to the CD Play

SONG (CD): Sandcastles (YW get a bookmark with word of song)

ACTIVITY - (KariannFortitudes & foundation) Building Sandcastles contest give them about 20 min., divide up into teams of 3 or 4, that would give us about 5 to 6 teams.

CHAPTERS 15-17 - YW reading

CHAPTER 18: - Bro. Denfeld is reading

TALK: Bro Denfeld talks on the importance of the sacrament

CHAPTER 19: Read by Michelle

ACTIVITY: - Importance of Prayer (Michelle). Prayer rocks painting (1/2 hour)

CHAPTER 20-23 –Listen to CD

ACTIVITY: Importance of Journal writing (Jessica). YW get Journal tags.

CHAPTERS 24-30 – Everyone reads or listen to CD????

SING: I know My Redeemer Lives


Give free time to play on the beach and then cook dinner, pack up, and go home.

***The best part is our (the leaders) reward...

Can't beat that! Our YW are the B-E-S-T best!

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