Saturday, October 24, 2009

Have a pumpkin party....

Last year a few friends and I started having what we call a "pumpkin party". Each person brings one food/dessert item having to do with the theme of a pumpkin. Hanging out with friends and anything better?! Last year I made a pumpkin dip and put it in a pumpkin. This year I'm adding "spice" items such as spiced apple cider or applesauce. Yummy. These invites were super easy to make. Cut a circle out a piece of fabric. Hand sew around the edges so you can pull it together and gather it. Put a few beans and stuffing inside. Find a stick outside for the stem. Add a fake leaf and some wire. The best part about these invites are they were free to make. Crafty neighbor girl and I gathered the supplies and made them. Wanna come? If you are the NW please do (just e-mail me)!


  1. If I were in the Northwest I would come. Have fun without me.
    The Old Man

  2. so cute! i wanna come! maybe one of these days we'll make it back for a visit. have fun and share the recipes with your favorite texan! ;)


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