Monday, December 21, 2009

Adorable Candy Cane Pattern

I love this "do it yourself" movement. I'm one of those people who walks by an item at a store and thinks "Why would I buy that? I can make it!". I admit sometimes I go home, attempt to make the item and realize I better just go buy it:)

This is totally a DIY item. Check out this candy cane ornament....

It was so easy! Just in case you are thinking it's not...I'll walk through the steps!

STEP 1: Cut out the pattern at the end of this post. Trace it onto 1/2 inch thick MDF. It will look something like this:

STEP 2: Sand that candy cane like it's nobody's buisness...because it is nobody's business how you sand your own candy cane:) I use sand paper and also my dremel. The dremel gives it some nice deep grooves.

STEP 3: Paint your candy cane cream or whatever color you hear desires. Let dry. I don't know about where you live but where I live things aren't drying like they did in that Summer weather (BTW I'm a Fall girl at heart!) so I put my candy cane by a heater. It dried within minutes.

STEP 4: This step might vary from person to person. Are you a perfectionist? Well good...welcome to the club. If you are a perfectionist get some painters tape. I cut a strip in half and then wrapped the strips around my candy cane. If you are super artsy and don't need tape just free hand the stripes.

Step 5: Paint your red stripes and let dry again.

Step 6: Remove tape.

Step 7: Again sand that candy cane until your achieve the desired look :) My Christmas tree is covered with these little beauties. They make me smile and that's a good thing! Here is the pattern...

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