Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas

I'm surrounded by creative people :) I feel lucky to be inspired by their ideas. Today I'm going to share two of those wonderful ideas with you. You've heard me talk about crafty neighbor girl (Wendy) but did you know not only is she crafty but she is also my son's preschool teacher...not to mention my girls' tumbling teacher? I was talking about all the amazing things Wendy does to my sister and she asked if Wendy could come be her neighbor. I think you will have to come live by me if you want to be her neighbor...I won't let her move away :) Back to the crafts.... My son Bryce came home from preschool last Thursday with this....

How adorable! This would be a perfect parent or grandparents gift this Christmas. I know I love it!

Next is an adorable poem my friend and neighbor Kristen came up with. I came home last night to find this poem with a bag full of frozen cookie dough bites on my doorstep. Pure genius :)

Perfect neighbor gift!

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