Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookie Exchange 2009

My friend and I just had our 4th annual cookie/ornament exchange. It was so fun. If you don't do one with your friends I suggest you start a tradition of having one. This year I found this cute invitation...

Click HERE to read more about these amazing invites. Hers are way better than my imitation :)
(Spatulas are from the dollar store!)

So you make your invite and tell your friends each to bring 3 dozen cookies. Out of those 3 dozen cookies, 1 dozen goes to what we call a "tasters table" and 2 dozen go to the exchange table. Everyone gets to go around and eat cookies from the tasters table.

The picture below is from before the party started. Check out the crystal looking cookie stand I built. Everything from the dollar store :)

We also have an ornament exchange. Each person brings a wrapped ornament and we play an exchange game. We have used THIS one the past four years and we still love it! I love my cute friends :)

At the end of the party everyone goes around exchanging cookies. Bring 2 dozen go home with a different 2 dozen. My kids were so excited to see me. You give them a cookie and they look like this...

It's worth every moment!

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  1. Hi! I love this idea of a cookie exchange. I cannot read what your rules were.... Could you please clarify the rules?


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