Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Display Pictures

Last year I made these for girls camp. We hung them on the girls bunk beds. They were simple to make. I just grabbed some string and started tying fabric and ribbon on it. I found some shower curtain rings at Wal-Mart that I tied to the ends. The YW loved them! There is something about pictures that makes the YW feel united. Maybe it's capturing the memories of good times?? I'm not sure but I do know everyone loves a good picture.

These would be a fun display for new beginnings or even YWIE :) Make memories and share them!


  1. Very cute! How are you attaching the pictures to the fabric?

  2. Love it! I wondered the same thing as JamieJoe

  3. You can use mini clothespins from the craft store or they actually have a metal clip that can hang from the project. Good luck :)


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