Sunday, December 6, 2009

Service Project Patterns

This is the ornament the YW were given after the STORY we used to introduce our SERVICE PROJECT. If you have no idea what I'm talking about click the links, read and then join us! My friend Wendy and Michelle made these adorable ornaments...

Here is the pattern for the dress. You can find the hooks at the Dollar Store (40 for $1.00).

Below is my beautiful daughter's arm/hand in the hobo gloves we will be making.

Again it's your lucky day! Here is the pattern....


*1 skein any Worsted or Medium Weight yarn.

*Crochet Hook Size 5mm or 6 mm

*Yarn Needle


Remember to mark your rounds ! Since this pattern works in a
continuous round, it is crucial to mark the beginning of your next
round. I use a safety pin, but you could use another color of thread
or a special marker.

With H hook loosely ch-20 then join at first chain to form a loop
Round 1: dc in next 20 sts to marker (20)
2. dc in next 8 sts, dc decrease, dc in next 8 sts, dc decrease (18)
3. dc in next in next 18 sts to marker (18)
4-10. hdc in next 18 sts. (make sure you mark each round)
11. dc next 8 sts, 2dc in next st, 2 dc in next st., dc in next 8 (20)
12. sc next 20 sts (20).
13.dc in next 10 sts, skip next 5 sts, dc in back of next st, dc next 5 sts (15)
14. hdc to marker (15)
15. Sc to mark, sl st, darn loose ends (15)

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