Saturday, March 13, 2010

Girls Camp - Schedule Ideas

This year I was asked to come up with a cute way to keep the paperwork together that they give out at girls camp. By paperwork I mean their schedule, menu and camp songs. One year they stapled it together and the next year they had a fabric cover. Another challenge I kept in mind is I need to make 250 of whatever is chosen for about $5o.oo

Here are some of my ideas. Keep in mind these are just the basic idea. I wanted an idea to be chosen before I spend a lot of time making it cute..

Idea #1
File folders. This idea is simple but cute.

My thought with the paper clips is they could be on the first page of each subject. Such as schedule, menu, songs. If you have a certain theme you could add paper embellishments to go with it...such as flags, bees....You get the point. Everything here can be found at your local office store except for the flowers. I just had some extra paper around that I cut out on my cricut.


This idea is used with the same supplies above. Just a few folds and you have this...

There are tons of tutorials online of how to make this idea. I like this idea because you have pockets on the side you can utilize and also the paper in the middle.


Idea #3 is a notebook. This is the idea the women I'm working with chose. We are going to print our theme on the front. Let's talk about how to make this idea cheap. You can go to Costco and they give away the thin chipboard they line their pallets with for free. You can also buy thin chipboard online for cheap. Check out this LINK. I did the binding with the bind it all.

Make a little clipboard. All you need for this idea is the chipboard and a binder clips. I modge podged some scrapbook paper on the clip.


  1. Cute Ideas! Where do I find the tutorials for IDEA #2?

  2. I, too, would love to know where you found the tutorial for #2 - how to fold the folder!


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