Sunday, September 5, 2010

Girls Camp - The Schedule

The girls at camp need a schedule. There was so much going on they needed to know where to be when. We came up with this one with a little help from Zutter's Bind-it-all.

With a little additional help from the Cricut. Even better my sister works at a paper warehouse and gave us all the chipboard for free. If you don't have a sister like that you can go to Costco and grab the big sheets they use on their pallets for free.

Here is the schedule. If someone wants to email and tell me how to turn a document into a PDF without it making my brain hurt...I'm up for it. Until then....

Just in case you are wondering....
The Gospel was Preserved Because of the Brave = Book of Mormon Day
Land of the Free Because of the Brave = Patriotic day/ Military
The Gospel was Restored Because of the Brave = Pioneer Day
The Gospel was Go Forth Because I am Brave = Missionary/ Focus on important of girl
Every camp needs a few rules....

The girls did most of the cooking themselves this year. They would go to the kitchen, grab the food and take it back to their camp. I love the fun names for the meals the cook came up with.

A clean camp is a happy camp :)

The chart at the top of each schedule happens when you see **12:00-4:00

Some of you smart cookies might have noticed some pages are missing. They are only pages with personal information on them. At the end of the schedule book we included camp songs. Each day I made some fun decoration to go with the theme. I will be sharing those later in the week :)

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