Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blanket Pattern

I'm a big fan of ravelry. They aren't even paying me to say that! Ravelry is a free site for knitters and crocheters. The site provides tons and tons of free patterns. If you haven't checked it out yet it's a must to do.

A few days ago I shared this blanket I made. I was asked to share the pattern. Why not??

Before I share the pattern I must warn you I am an incredibly annoying crocheter/knitter. I start off following a pattern but somewhere I always decide to change it up. Even worse I don't write down or remember the changes I make. Super annoying I know! With that said I will try my best to share how I made this blanket. The good news is for this particular blanket I followed the majority of the pattern.

This pattern is called the Litttle V-Stitch Blanket by Lion Brand. I used a crochet hook size L11 but my theory is use what you got and make it work! I followed the pattern up to the finishing section. I didn't love the picot edging so I made up my own scalloped edging.

* Change color if you want and then v-stitch (dc, ch1, dc) around the entire edge in new color. For the scalloped edge {sc, dc 2, sc} all around the blanket except for the 4 edges {sc, dc 3, sc}

If this all sounds too foreign to you (a lot of things do when you first start crocheting) let me know and I will make it easier :)

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. My husband is always looking for good free patterns. I really like the site too!


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