Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Super Saturday *Craft Group Style*

After the shock of being told there would be no super Saturday where crafts would be made for our ward. My lovely craft group took action. We decided we would have our own super Saturday with crafts. With this group of ladies anything is possible. In order for our day to be a success there is a ton of work to be done. We all chose assignments...such as being in charge of food, crafts, set-up, clean-up and hosting the event.

This post is showing the project options. Please feel to take a peek and be inspired by the talented ladies I am surrounded by. Just ignore all the linguistics of me talking to my craft group. My blog seems like the easiest way to post the information plus you all get to see some fun ideas.
CRAFT GROUP: We have decided our Super Saturday will be Saturday, November 13 at Kristen's home. It will be from 9:00am to 3:00 pm.

Check out the projects below and email, call, tell (make sure I write it down) me what projects you will be making. All money will be due to me (melinda) by November 1st. That gives you a month to figure out what you would like to do and get your money in.

To avoid being charged for the same item twice for different projects (done by different people) it is my hope that each crafter can bring the following items from your stash at home:

*Paint brush/foam brush. Bring as many as you feel needed.
*Scissors and/or paper cutter.
*Modge Podge. You can never have enough. Go buy the big old one.
*Ink Pad. Each project will state if you need this but my guess is you will need a black and brown one.
*Sand paper

Since Wendy has moved (even with me holding onto her leg pleading for her to stay) certain items will not be provided in her kits. Please read the "details", "you get" and "you supply" section of each project.

I had no clue when we started this that there would be so many projects. Prepare to have a hard time choosing :) I still have one more project to post!

Super Saturday (Craft Group Style) Projects:


Cost: $8.00
Approx. Time: 1 hr.

DETAILS: It'll be approx. 10.5 x 18". Barn red background, white vinyl lettering.

YOU GET: Wood board, vinyl lettering, barn red paint

YOU SUPPLY: brush, sand paper (optional)

#2. FLOWER HEADBAND &/or Bobby pins.

(picture from Make it and Love it)

Cost: Free-.50 cents
Approx. Time: 10-15 mins

Details: I have made the headbands, they are super easy and fun and cheap! $.50 each. I can do the first 5 bobby pins for free. After that each one is 5 cents or bring your own. I am no good at the hair ties, sorry! I have gray, black, blu and brown for colors. I will keep an eye out for others colors since we have some time. Made from vinyl.

YOU GET: Everything!

YOU SUPPLY: Nothing!


Cost: $3.50
Approx. Time: 30-40 mins.

DETAILS: Pumpkin is 8" tall and 6 " wide.
YOU GET: 4 (2x4) Blocks, paper, wood stem, orange paint, brown paint, ribbon, gorilla glue

YOU SUPPLY: modge podge, paint/foam brush, sandpaper, brown ink pad


#3a. 2x4 PUMPKIN

Cost: $3.00

Approx. Time: 30 mins

DETAILS: The pumpkin is about 8" tall and 6 inches tall

YOU GET: 4 (2x4) blocks, wood stem, orange paint, brown paint, yarn, berries

YOU SUPPLY: Sandpaper, paint/foam brush



COST: $4.50

Approx. Time: 45 mins

DETAILS: Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree. Celebrate Christmas with this 2x4 CHRISTMAS TREE WITH PAPER! The tree stands about a foot tall. Fun and easy craft :)

YOU GET: wood blocks and star, paper, berries

YOU SUPPLY: brush, modge podge, sand paper



Cost: $4.00

Approx. Time: 45 mins

DETAILS: Keep it simple with this fun but easy Christmas tree. The tree stand about a foot tall.

YOU GET: wood blocks and star, paint, berries

YOU SUPPLY: brush and sandpaper



Cost: $3.00

Approx. time: 1-2 hours.

DETAILS: Do you love to read? I do and this BOOK WREATH makes me smile :) Super easy. Just needs your time and attention!

YOU GET: Book Pages, Foam Circle, Glue Sticks

YOU SUPPLY: Try to bring your glue gun, Black ink pad



(I can't find where I got this picture from but whoever did it...nice work!)

Cost: $14.00

Approx Time: 1 hour

YOU GET: 60 ornaments of various sizes, hanger, ribbon, hot glue

YOU SUPPLY: If you can bring your glue gun.


Cost:$2 ($3 for paper included)

Approx. time: 30-40 mins

DETAILS: A cute little display piece that offers a sweet treat to anyone he greets! Approximate size is 6”x5”. Holds 12 dum-dum suckers/lollipops.

YOU GET: Wood pieces, sandpaper, pattern

YOU SUPPLY: paper or paint, Black or brown fine tip sharpie, scissors, modge podge, ink pad to match, ribbon.



Cost:$5 ($7 for paper included)

Approx. time: 30-40 mins

To cute to even think about eating! This little guy will happily greet all your holiday friends and neighbors with a smile. Cute alone or place him in your fabulous fall wreath you made last year for a quick up-date. Approx. size is 12”x14”.

YOU GET: wood pieces, sandpaper, feathers, instructions

YOU SUPPLY: paint and brushes, modge podge, black or brown fine tip sharpie, scissors, paper for tail feathers, glue for wood pieces (I use E6000), ribbon



Cost:$12 ($14 for paper included)(picture on, scroll down to bottom of 1st page)

Approx. time: 30-40 mins

DETAILS: A fun and friendly way to stay on top of things in the kitchen. Add your favorite meals to the paper strips and then quickly and easily plan out the entire week! Shopping list notepad included. Size is approx. 14”x16”.

YOU GET: Magnet board, bottle caps, post it pad, magnets, labels, instructions

YOU SUPPLY: paper cutter, scissors, 3 patterned 12x12 paper, glue dots, ribbon, modge podge, brush, 2 solid papers (8.5x11 will work), ink pad (optional).




Approx time: 1-1.5 hrs.

DETAILS: Stay up to date on your d├ęcor the easy way! The center image pops off to move quickly from one season into the next. Kit contains ribbon and image for each spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Frame size is 8”x8”. Specify frame color black or brown.

YOU GET: Frame, beadboard insert, wood pieces, velcro dots, sandpaper, embellishments, instructions

YOU SUPPLY: paint, stain, brushes, scissors, black sharpie fine tip, glue for wood pieces (I use E6000)



Approx. time: 1 hr.

DETAILS: Add some chill to your winter in a warm and friendly way! These letters bring some fun to the winter blues with a friendly little snowman face peeking out from where the O should be. Pick your own colors scheme and embellishments to boot! Size ranges from 7” tall by 18” long.

YOU GET: Wood pieces, pattern for snowman and cheeks, black nails for face, sandpaper, instructions.

YOU SUPPLY: Paint, brushes, scissors, Patterned paper, solid paper, modge podge, ink pad, embellishments(I used ribbon, tulle, and buttons)




Approx time: 1.5-2 hrs.

DETAILS :A gentle reminder of what our holidays should be. This ornament shows Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus stitched on muslin and then matted on a stable shaped frame. Simple hand stitching required to complete.

YOU GET: wood pieces, muslin and backing, chipboard and masking, needle and thread, ribbon to hang, pattern, instructions

YOU SUPPLY: paint, brushes, sharp pencil
Wood pieces paint and brushes *you can use an small embroidery hoop, but it’s not necessary



Cost:$12 each kit

Approx. time: 2+ hrs.

DETAILS:Similar to what you see in Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, or from Doug & Mellissa these play food kits are great fun for your little ones! All pieces are solid wood-no spoiling! And pieces stick together with Velcro for lots of interchangeable fun! Pieces can be painted or paper-covered, it’s up to you!

Cookie Kit Contains: Sandwich Kit Contains:

6 sugar cookies 4 bread slices

6 frosting tops 2 cheese slices

1 can frosting 2 slices tomatoes

1 can sprinkles 2 pieces lettuce

1 serving tray 2 slices ham/bologna

1 frosting knife 1 serving tray

1 butter knife

1 jar mayo, 1 jar mustard

*Both kits contain Velcro pieces, labels, and instructions

YOU SUPPLY: paint(think about the colors you want your food to be), brushes, modge podge, and paper and scissors if you choose to paper instead of paint.


#14.PIECED PAPER PICTURES. Choose from "Peace", "Adore" or "Rejoice"

Cost: $1.50 each.

Approx. time: 20-30 mins.

DETAILS: It’s like making a quilt, but with no sewing and no fabric! Pieces are cut from paper and fit together like a puzzle to form a fun reminder of the Christmas season. 3 designs to choose from, “peace/angel”, “adore/baby Jesus”, and “rejoice/shepherd”. All will fit into any standard 8x10 frame when completed.

YOU GET: patterns, paper, all paper, instructions

YOU SUPPLY: frame (8x10 or larger if matted) ,All paper pencil, sharp scissors, glue stick, ink pad, fine tip sharpie(brown or black), blush & q-tip

*Peace comes with halo and buttons for angel figure


14a. WOOD CUTOUTS of “Adore” or “Peace”

(Pictures above with paper cutouts)

Cost $3

Approx time: 20-30 mins each

DETAILS: The same pattern as above only cut from wood and placed on a base so it can stand alone. Supplies are the same as above but you will also need paint of your choice, brushes and modge podge.



Cost: $9.00

Approx time: 30 mins


YOU GET: Glass cube, vinyl, ribbon, jewels

YOU SUPPLY: inside materials...lights and filling


  1. I'm my wards erichment person - question on the subway board, are you doing the words in vinyl?

  2. Nope. The gal in charge of that project is using paper lettering :)

  3. man i wish i could come to your super saturday, we never have had that good of crafts!!! Great and cute ideas!!

  4. Thanks Cassie :) If you ever are in the area come craft with us!!!

  5. I really wish you'd sell all of your crafts in your etsy shop. I LOVE them all!!!!

  6. Are you selling the blocks for pumpkins in your shop? I didn't see them.

  7. Love your crafts. Are you selling them?

  8. I was wondering where you got the stitching pattern. It's so cute! Can I buy it?

  9. These are such great projects, I love them all. I'm featuring this post on my blog if you want to chack it out and grab a button.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Some of the crafts are being sold. Feel free to email me and let me know what you are interested it in :)

  12. For the wooden play food kits did you cut out the shapes yourself or can you purchase these unfinished?

  13. Do you have a pattern for the lollipop turkey? My Craft group would love to do this one. We also love the menu board. Lots of great work here! Nice Job.

  14. Wondering what your technique is for the book wreath? =)

  15. Do you sell any of the crafts you made for Super Saturday? I am the Enrichment counselor in our ward. We are going to skip Super Saturday this year and do the crafts throughout the year. We want to make menu boards soon and I LOVE these.

  16. Aloha! I just came across your post and I love these ideas. Is it possible to purchase your patterns for the framed "Rejoice", "Peace" and "Adore"? I think it would be an easy craft for the older sisters in our Relief Society. Thank you for your time and for sharing your ideas! Mahalo, Susan

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