Friday, September 24, 2010

You know you are married to a crafter if...

In my blog hopping adventures today I stumbled upon the blog SHANNON MAKES STUFF. She has a cute page dedicated to

My fav quote of hers is...
" go to the hardware store, you won't purchase items for their intended use, and you will lie to the sales associates that want to know what you are fixing because the item is really for a craft." {Shannon Staker}

Hilarious. I was just telling a friend that you should never tell the sales associate what your project is because as soon as they know it's a craft project they become the expert of what will work and won't. Come on dude...I just want my wood cut not advice!

I have to add a few of my own. Such as:

"...your wife says "hand me that thingy over there" about some random tool because she doesn't know the name of it and really doesn't care. She just knows it does what she needs it to."

"...your three year old knows what a crochet hook is." or "...your sons use knitting needles when they have a sword fight."

" have a room dedicated to crafts and it's the cool place to be."

"...when your kids pretend they play arts and crafts."

" can hear the Cricut cutting paper at midnight."

" have spray paint on the garage floor."

I could come up with tons! I'm laughing as I write them :) Do you have any to share???


  1. I just thought of a new one....You know you are married to a crafter when you find things tied with yarn instead of string :) HA! Today we tied up Angela's kickstand on her bike with yarn!

  2. That is so true. I even have used ribbon when in a pinch. When I was reading this I lauged so hard because it is so true.


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