Saturday, January 22, 2011


The picture isn't the best quality but it makes my heart happy because it's sunny!  We haven't seen the sun for a while around here.

Sharesa from Close to My Heart (check out the giveaway) gave me some paper and this banner to play around with.  I love, love, love the banner and the green patterned scrapbook paper.  If you get a chance go enter in the giveaway and you can get this scrapbook paper and lot's of other crafting goodies for free!  Wood always makes it's way into my projects.  I grabbed a extra piece of 2x4 I had hanging around, two chair legs and two finials to make this project.

I haven't decided exactly where I'm going with this project.  I could put pictures or words on the banner?  I also like it just the way it's simple and reminds me of Spring.

I think everyone needs a banner somewhere in their house!


  1. I agree that every one needs a banner in their house but my husband says I'm getting carried away! :)

  2. I so agree with husband thought my Thanksgiving banner was a bit much, lol...

  3. How fun, what a great spin on this project!


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