Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Extraordinary Kid Series - BYU WOMEN'S CONFERENCE

Every year I like to attend BYU's Women's conference.  I love it.  I grab a couple of good friends and road trip it to Utah.  I'm a Provo baby so Utah is my home away from home.  This year's theme is....

Sounds good right?!  I'm sure you asking what does this have to do with extraordinary kids.  I'm getting there :)   The theme for 2011 service component is Errand of Angels and this year one of the projects is Autism Caterpillars.
It makes my heart happy that they have decided to do something for extraordinary kids!  Will I see you there?!!  If any of you are planning on going email me and we can meet up.  There are a bunch of you I need to hug for the kind emails and comments :)  O.K...Now I need some info from all of you.  What exactly is an Autism Caterpillar?  Is it a weighted toy of some sort?  I've tried looking it up online and I can't find anything.  Also I have been trying to buy some therapy toys for Jayden and I'm having no luck finding any.  If anyone has any resources let's get them together in the comment section.


  1. I have seen some weighted bean bag type toys that some of my staff bought at an autism conference they went to. I'll see if I can find out what they are called and where you can find them if you'd like.

  2. There was a tutorial somewhere in blog land to make a weighted blanket and any kid with sensory issues enjoys them. I never did make one but it sounds like a great idea! You might google it. When you find out what those little catapillars are you'll have to let us all know!!

  3. Check into Discovery Toys. I was a rep for them until my full-time job got to being really full-time. I know they have unique toys/games. I believe they also have a blurb on their website about toys that meet autism kids special needs. Feel free to contact me if you can't find the info. Good luck ~Rachel


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