Thursday, January 27, 2011

Projects & Linkin' it up PaRtY!

If you own a tween this picture might be familiar....

Yes I can "own" her a few more years!  She walked in after school and I was working on a project.  She said, "Mom, I thought I told you to chill out on the crafting!".  I laughed.  The other day she lectured me on how I should craft less and read more.  She loves to do I.  I'm not sure why she thought the lecture was necessary :)

Didn't have any hooks to hang up the new sign so I had my anti-craft daughter be the hooks...

She loved every moment of it!

I'm likin' the molding projects.  Here are some stars....

It's a fun easy project that anyone can do.  You can even find clearance molding at Home Depot.

A gal in my craft group needs a little inspiration.  She is in charge of this month's craft night and doesn't know what to do.  Let's help her out by LINKIN' IT UP! It's so easy.  There are no rules.  Just share a project. I know my readers aren't just beautiful wonderful people...they are also super crafty.  Show me what your up to!


  1. I really love that heart! And how happy your daughter is ;)

  2. I love it!! The heat is ADorable and your daughter is pretty priceless!

  3. I absolutely LOVE your blog-- amazing heart!

  4. I knew the stars would turn out cute! I've been trying to think how I would use them. Will you sell me some ;) I need to invest in some would cutting tools. My husband is a mechanic so he buys all these tools for his kinda projects, last night he bought a welder. I've been hinting to him that I would like him to buy things that I can use, apparently I need to be more specific.
    Haha! I can't wait for my daughters to get older and "want" to help me! The heart turned out so cute!

  5. I love the heart and stars! Ok, where did you find the molding to make it? HD or Lowes? Is it all one piece or put together?

  6. Aloha,
    Love those hearts & stars. Your blog is amazing.LOL,
    I also have that same Scentsy warmer. I am having a ALOHA blog candy. Please visit my blog. Thank you,


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