Monday, March 7, 2011

St Patrick's 2x4 Hat

A few of my friends have mentioned lately they don't decorate for St. Patrick's Day.   I want those of you who are St. Patrick Day decorationless (yep I made that word up) to know YOU ARE MISSING OUT!  St. Patricks Day is all about green, rainbows, gold, leprechauns and kissing.  Yep, I said kissing.  Even if you're not Irish you can pretend to be for a day :)  Now I'm not a St. Patrick's Day fanatic but I do think it's a fun holiday.  Since Easter is late this year we all have a little time to explore some green....

Today I'm going to tell you how to make a quick, easy decoration for St. Patrick's day.  This cute little leprechaun hat...

Grab yourself a 4x4 wood block and a 6 inch piece of 2x4.  Sand and paint your block.  I painted mine with Creamcoat's leaf green.  I then picked out some of my fav green polka dotted scrapbook paper, patterned scrapbook paper for the buckle and ribbon.  Mod podge the paper on.  Weave the ribbon in your paper and glue it to your hat.  Glue your wood pieces together with Gorilla Glue.  Your set and ready to wow everyone with your holiday decor!

Good luck creating!


  1. Very Cute! Could you tell me how you get your 2x4's cut so cleanly? My dad cuts wood for me but the edges are always raggedy-he says they're as smooth as he can but i see yours are clean as butter! I do sand but yours start out better!! I got my box of the leprechaun heads from your contest-thank you! Merry Ü

  2. Love the little hat! I'm going to make a couple with my kids today after school. My 1st grader has a St. Patty's day program at school tomorrow, so this holiday is big for us this year =)

  3. How cute! Next year's project.


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