Monday, July 11, 2011

WYLTC: Bird House Tutorial

It's time!  Time for my bird house tutorial.  I hope you all have been busy making some sort of bird house decor to share at the linky party on Friday.  Until then let's learn how to make this baby!  I'm a fan of patterns and thought I would share one.  Hopefully it makes this project a little easier.

 I used 1/4 inch MDF.  Why you ask?  Well because I had it on hand and it's cheap.  After you cut your pieces you should have something like this:

Grab your gorilla glue and glue the pieces together.  I started by gluing the sides to the back.  Let's talk about why I am using gorilla glue on the project.  The wood is thin... if I air gun a nail into it it will crack.   Gorilla glue works great for me.  If your working with thicker wood (my measurements won't work for you) go ahead and use nails.

A tip about gorilla first it's slippy slidy.  If you wait a few moments the glue starts to thicken and you can finalize where you want your piece.   After you get those side pieces on add the front.  Let glue dry.

Meanwhile you can get your roof gluing....Let dry for a few minutes.

Glue roof to house.   Let house fully dry.  

When the house is dry you can sand and paint it however you would like.

I grabbed a chair leg and a couple of castines from Lowes to put my house on.  You could also possibly use a wooden candlestick or go down to goodwill and paint up some metal candlesticks.

Check back Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to see what the other WYLTC gals have made.  I've seen their stuff and it's cute!  Friday we will start a linky party on the WYLTC blog for anything "bird" crafty-like stuff you have made!


  1. seriously melinda you are SO STINKIN CUTE!! i love this. and the lantern! stop-you shouldn't be allowed to be that creative, lol!!


  2. very cute! I love the swirls. :0)

    Jana @ Project Possible

  3. That birdhouse is TOOOO CUUUTTTEE!!! Would love for you to stop by and share this at the Tuesday To Do Party if you get a chance!


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