Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Super Saturdayless

Super Saturdayless. I know it's not really a word but.....The rumor of my ward is that we won't be having super Saturday this year. That is exactly how you make a crafty girl *gasp*! What to do, what to do?! I went online and looked at projects I would like to do if I was to attend a super Saturday. Here they are...

*The Crafting Chicks' recipe Binder. You can also see one at the Idea Room. Way cute!

*nannygoat's Christmas Wreath. Beautiful!

*peachy chic's watch kits or Glimmer Time's kits. For some reason I can't post a pic!
*Something knitted or crocheted. Maybe a fun scarf :) So cozy!

*tatertots and Jello's Halloween subway art. I have the perfect wall waiting for this project.

* Stawberrypearl Studio's family proclamation project. Love it!
Here are some ideas I have already made :)

*JOY wood letters with bell

What have you done or are you doing for super Saturdays? Make a sad (no super Saturday) girl happy and share some links below! I've never had a link party before but they always look like so much fun. I can feel cuteness comin' my way. Yay!


  1. I love these crafts. I think we should do our own Super Saturday.

  2. I agree! You need to come see the tree I'm working on :) Let's get the girls from craft group to come link project they are interested in.

  3. I am so in agreement with Michelle. We need to have our own Super Saturday. I love all the projects that you have posted. I LOVE LOVE the Halloween sign, I too have a wall that it would look great on. The Wreath was really cute also.


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