Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Porch

My front porch is so boring.  Just recently I decided I need to do something about it.  I should have a before picture but your imagination is good enough...Imagine....well nothing!  This project is requiring a lot of building and use of brain cells.  Yeah...brain cells.  After having four kids I seriously feel like I don't have many left.  Also have I ever mentioned I don't like to measure things.  Well I don't and when building stuff you need to measure EVERYTHING :)  This is the start....

I built the bench and the sign holder thingy...a cute sign is in the works.

In my neighborhood a "no soliciting" sign is essential.  There is always someone coming down the street selling something and they are so aggressive now days.  People have told me a good salesman will ignore the sign and come to your door anyway.  I call that annoying!  Can't wait to share what it looks like when I'm finished.


  1. I cant wait to see it all finished!!!

  2. Did you make your porch hanger? I love it!!! If you did, do you directions on how to built one?

  3. A Porch hanger! That's what it's called. I did make it and will share a how to :) Thanks for the support girls!

  4. Can you also share how you made the bench! Love the RED!!!

  5. I totally need a "no soliciting" sign too! It is hard to find something cute but serious enough someone will pay attention to it. Our neighborhood has gotten a little out of hand with solicitors too. I don't want to buy fruit from some guy carrying it in his pockets!!! Looking forward to a how to. By the way I love your blog and your playlist!

  6. A "good" salesman that ignored a no soliciting sign at my house would an earful and a door slammed in the face. Well, okay maybe just shut...I wouldn't want to punish the house. Love the porch improvements. Wanna come help me with my boring porch next?


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