Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Ruffler & Christmas Trees

The other day I was admiring Shanty2Chic's ruffle trees...

Aren't they amazing?!  I knew right away I wanted to make myself some especially since my craft group was focusing on making trees out of cones.  I went and bought all my stuff and then went back to Shanty2Chic's blog for the tutorial.  Right away I realized I didn't have a ruffler foot for my sewing machine.  I called a few friends and NO one had a ruffler foot.  So I pouted about it for a while.  Then I got grouchy about it.  Stupid ruffler.  Finally I decided to take action.  I decided I was going to buy that darn ruffler and show it who is boss.  I came to find out the craft stores in my area don't carry the ruffler and I would have to order it online.  I didn't want to wait days for it to come!  So what did I do?  Well I pouted and cried a little more and got a whole lot more grouchy :)  I know I could still sew ruffles but I just wanted to use that ruffler.  I moved onto a new project still thinking "stupid, stupid, stupid" (stupid is a bad word in our house)  "ruffler!".  I pulled out my glue gun to work on another project and realized I too could make beautiful ruffles with my handy dandy glue gun and no sewing would be involved.  Problem solved! 

My no sew, no ruffler beautiful Christmas tree.... 

Ruffles were achieved by gluing a little ribbon on and back tracking every once in a while to form a ruffle!  Now I just need to make a few more.

Thank you glue gun!  Oh and Ruffler...I don't hold this against you in any way.  I will probably buy you someday :)


  1. These are so stinkin' adorable! I love the colors, and the "no sew" part.

  2. Awesome job!! Love the polka dots!!

  3. Very cute! What would we do without glue guns?
    What is the wood piece you used for the base of the tree? What wood piece did you use for the wood display stand? Thank very much for the information.


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