Tuesday, January 18, 2011

B is for Beachell :)

Quick question for everyone...Are you having trouble getting to my blog?  For about the past 4 days my blog has been on strike and won't load my site.  I'm wondering if it's just my computer or is everyone having the same problem??

Here is what I have been up to lately....

Not sure where the rosettes are going.  For right now they are just hanging out in the corner.

The final step is to frame it.  That step is still in the works.  I ran out of molding.  Darn molding.

What is everyone up to?  Feed me some crafty inspiration.  Link it up!


  1. I can't believe I was first to link up!!! I have been on your blog pretty much everyday, no problems for me. I love your new look by the way! Come check out my Valentine wreath tutorial, you may even win it!

  2. i love the rosettes in the corner like that!! very cute!!!

  3. way cute. I may copy this someday, hopefully soon-ish! Wish I had a cute craft to link up this week but *sigh* I just don't. I've had no problems loading your blog, and FYI your music makes me so happy and my 2-year-old is dancing! :)

  4. I have had a hard time getting to your blog, it takes forever to load but seems to be better now. I just thought it was my computer because I have another blog I follow that has been taking a long time to load too. Hopefully it was just a temporary problem with Blogger.

    Love your newest creation, so cute.

  5. I end up dancing everytime I pull up my blog too :) Love, love, love the valentine's projects in the link love. Keep them coming!

  6. I have had trouble getting onto my blog and I always get to your blog from my blog so... That is CUTE!! I want one!


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