Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baptism Invitations

My daughter is getting baptized this Saturday.  We are all really excited for her!  She wanted to send invites to our family.  Just recently my sister-in-law Michelle decided to start making handmade special occasion invites.  We asked her to come up with something special for Emma...

She was super great to work with.  I love that Emma helped design her invitation....Everything from the colors, to the wording, even the style of the invite.

Emma jumped on the opportunity of having a pull out style invite.  I think it *might* be every 8 year old girl's dream!

Michelle is great to work with.  She went the extra mile and made a few different styles with coordinating paper.  Emma loves this option and chose certain invites to go to certain people.

If you are interested in Michelle making you some invitations for your special occasion you can check out her etsy shop ELEGANT INVITES.  She is just starting her etsy shop.  Don't be afraid to convo her with requests :)  You can also check out her stuff on her FACEBOOK PAGE!


  1. When my daughter was baptized we didn't have anything like this for her. I'm sad. (But we were inactive then and didn't know to do such special things.) She's a lucky girl, indeed a child of God. You're a good mom.

  2. those are beautiful! Congratulations to you and your daughter... what a precious decision!

  3. Those are adorable! My daughter is getting baptized this Sat. too! What a great day! :)

  4. Very cute! SHe did a great job. ANd congratulations to you & your daughter

  5. Oh so cute! My son is getting baptised this Saturday as well, wish I would have been more organized to come up with better invites like these. Thanks for sharing the link to the site!

  6. Just because we can't be there, doesn't mean we wouldn't love an invitation if you have one extra!


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