Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Extraordinary Kid Series

Laura from MS SMARTIE PANTS made this adorable work of art...

Yep she is creative.  Laura is also one smart cookie.  She probably is one of those people who can do it all.  Last week she commented on my extraordinary kids post and what she wrote is pretty amazing.  I wanted to share it with you all.....

"You described my feelings many years ago when my son was in 1st grade. He is 19 now and has graduated high school. Let me say to you what one teacher said to me one day, but first I will preface it by telling you that I always went back and forth about how much to say to a teacher about my son and how much they should figure out on their own especially as he got older. I had decided to share with this teacher some of my concerns and I will never forget what he said to me "don't you worry, after all God isn't finished with him yet"! That meant so much to me. It meant take today, don't try to work out tomorrow and don't limit him to what he is today you don't know what he will be tomorrow. He was a wise man! I would have never thought we would be where we are today. So don't fret, God isn't finished with him yet!xoxo "

Thanks Laura.  I think this is something everyone with an extraordinary kid should hear!

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  1. Blushing! :P When you said you were going to quote me, I didn't know you meant on here! And thanks for showing off my blog too! Blessings friend!


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