Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flower Headband Tutorial

As I mentioned before this Saturday my daughter Emma is getting baptized.  Emma decided she wants to wear a beautiful white headband with her dress after she is baptized.  I thought I would make things easy and just buy one but every time I picked one up I thought "I could make that".  Unfortunately my husband has picked it up also so when I want to buy something he often asks "Can't you make that?".  LOL!  So we came home empty handed with a promise that mom would make her a headband.  Here is what I made...

This headband is Emma's cute personality 100%.  I love it but I have a feeling it's because I love this kid so darn much also.

Here is how I made this particular flower headband.  Draw yourself a pattern.

I set my organza over the top.  I'm using white because it's for baptism but you can use any color.

Trace the flower pattern on the organza with a pencil.

Cut out the flowers.  I think I cut out about 9.  The shape of the flowers don't have to be perfect (no one will notice when you are done).   Yes I had to convince myself of that statement too.

Add hot glue to the middle of one flower and add quartered flowers.  When I say "quartered" flowers I mean fold them in half and then fold them in half again.  Don't do this on burlap...the organize is thin and the hot glue will stick to the burlap.

Keep adding quartered flowers until your flower is to your liking.  Cut a circle piece of felt.  Hot glue the felt and flower around the headband.  I got 5 headbands at the local grocery store for about $1.50.

You're done!  Really easy and super cute.

Does the necklace look familiar?  It's from Jen and Amber's Etsy shop JUST BE.  Emma {hearts} this necklace!


  1. The headband is a cutie... and so is sweet Emma. Congratulations Emma! Vicki

  2. Isn't she adorable! Love her freckles and the headband is just perfect.

  3. I have oodles and oodles of tulle, I have never used organza, do you think the tulle would work? Not that I can't just try. OK, rather I will let you know how it works. =) It is very cute.

  4. cute girl & cute headband..i love headbands..thanks for the tutu

  5. oh my goodness. Emma is so cute. can i come over soon ? :)

  6. cute headband!!!!

    i just gave you an award on my blog check it out!


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